Enduring Symbol

At 45, Harold Bamberg was able to put his energies into other enterprises. As the UK distributor for Beechcraft, he claimed to have sold 1,000 aircraft before retreating to his Surrey farm to breed bloodstock.


Like Laker, Harold Bamberg cast a giant shadow over the industry. But Eric Tarrant believes there were significant differences between them. “Laker was very hands-on while Bamberg was concerned about the whole industry and seeing that the independent airlines got a fair crack of the whip. He was a great character and very much respected by Eagle people.”


According to Eric Tarrant the prominence of the Eagle “E” symbol around Heathrow in its heyday was a source of great pride to the airline’s staff. But there’s still a link between the airline and the airport even today. The taxiway that runs parallel to Runway 23 in front of where the airline’s hangars used to stand is still known as “Eagle.”